Afton Pascal, CPSM
Mentorship Program



Mentorship is about support, knowledge, and insight from those with shared experiences. The Chapter recognizes that mentorship can have a powerful impact on a professional’s career and is proud to offer this invaluable opportunity for its members.

What is the Mentorship Program?

This program provides members with one to four years in the industry an opportunity to pair with an experienced, long-term member of the Chapter and A/E/C industry. Recent members are defined as those who are in good standing and have been a member of SMPS Philadelphia for at least one, and no more than four years. Mentors consist of mid- to senior-level members of the SMPS community in Philadelphia that have more than five years of experience. Mentors are highly regarded professionals in their fields, with most serving in leadership positions within the Chapter and/or their firms.

Mentorship pairings aim to provide SMPS Philadelphia members with valuable contacts, personal resources, and respected expertise. The program expands on our active program and events calendar and benefits both new and established Chapter members. Through their participation, members develop strong, personal relationships – thus enforcing a tenet of the Chapter’s mission.

How does it work?

Eligible SMPS Philadelphia members are invited to submit applications to become mentors or mentees. Applications will be evaluated and pairings of mentors and mentees will be assigned. Pairs are encouraged to speak monthly via phone calls and engage at Chapter events. The program will culminate in the “graduation” of mentorship groups, although it is a goal of the program for mentors and mentees to continue their relationship afterward.


  • October 9 – Applications due

  • October 16 – Mentor/mentee pairings announced

  • October 21 – Program kick-off

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