Afton Pascal, CPSM
Director, Awards Program


Each year SMPS Philadelphia recognizes members and member firms who have demonstrated their commitment and dedication to both the Philadelphia chapter and the A/E/C industry through their engagement, leadership and resources. First up: Philly's Phinest 2021 Marketing Communications Awards program.


Philly’s Phinest Marketing Communication Awards

SMPS Philadelphia’s Marketing Communications Awards is a local marketing awards program modeled on the SMPS Headquarters program that recognizes excellence in marketing communications. This is an opportunity for SMPS member and non-member A/E/C marketing professionals from throughout the Philadelphia region to be recognized for their contributions to their firm and its success. We accept submissions in the five most popular categories to allow you to showcase the pieces you have worked on over the past year.

Categories include Corporate Identity, Website, Direct-Mail Campaign, Special Event, and Social Media Campaign. A sixth category, Miscellaneous, is included for entries that do not correspond to one of our top five categories, but do align with one of the other Headquarters’ categories. In addition to local recognition, submissions will receive feedback from judges on their entries with enough time to submit to the national SMPS MCA competition. Winners of the Best in Show and People’s Choice categories will be reimbursed for their entry fee to the national MCA program.

Schedule and Fees

Call for Entries*


Early Bird Deadline

12/18/2020 $75.00 Members/First Entry; $175.00 Non-Members/First Entry.

Final Deadline

01/08/2021 $100.00 Members/First Entry; $200.00 Non-Members/First Entry. Early bird pricing extended to additional entries by same firm.

Virtual Judging


Virtual Awards Reception


*Firms submitting entries must have an office within SMPS Philadelphia’s regional area, which includes the Philadelphia Metro Area, southern New Jersey, Delaware and the Lehigh Valley; Previous National MCA award winners are not eligible. Winners are not guaranteed in every category.

End of Program Year Awards

Donna Keller / Cracked Bell Award

The Donna Keller / Cracked Bell Award is named for a former member who passed away in 1999. This award is presented to a senior professional in our industry whose career and service to SMPS and our own chapter are highly regarded and of value to others. In order to be considered for this prestigious award, candidates must have demonstrable, numerous accomplishments in their profession. Current SMPS Philadelphia board members are not eligible, nor are past recipients of the award.

Rising Star Award

This award is presented to a member who is new to the chapter and/or the industry, and who, through their achievements to date, has demonstrated great potential as a consummate A/E/C marketer. Chapter members are invited to submit the name of another member who meets these criteria. Current SMPS Philadelphia board members are not eligible, nor are past recipients of the award.

Most Valuable Participant (MVP) Award

This award recognizes the member who has attended the most events during the current programming year. Current SMPS Philadelphia board members are not eligible.

outstanding supporter Award

This award recognizes the firm that was the most generous and frequent sponsor in support of our mission during the current programming year.

Honoring Legends Awards

A legend is defined as “an important person who is known for doing something extremely well.” This award is presented to remarkable individuals, living legends and veritable icons who have been supportive of SMPS and, in particular, of the efforts of their firm’s marketing department. Nominee must be living, do not need to be currently employed, and can be retired. There is no limit for nominations and no fees to enter. All nominations are anonymous.