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10/22/20 Program Recap: Market Research

On October 22, Dodge Data & Analytics Industry Insights Research Director Donna Laquidara-Carr, Ph.D., and Director of National Business Development Deirdre McGrath presented a fast-paced and content-rich program, Market Research for Transformative Business Insights, that explored the who, what, how and why of market research.

Donna laid the groundwork by defining market research, reviewing results-driven goals, and detailing the process for conducting industry and related types of research. She revealed how Dodge Data & Analytics conducts industry research and cited by example real-world business development benefits to A/E/C firms that partnered with Dodge on such research.

Deirdre’s presentation examined market assessment by building type and geography, and used New York data to illustrate the analysis. She followed with an interpretation of the players and relationships in a specific market, with a Pittsburgh-based healthcare system as the subject.

One of the many valuable takeaways from the program was learning about the free resources Dodge Data & Analytics offers in the form of reports, briefs, podcasts, and webinars. In addition, all attendees received a copy of the PowerPoint and access to the recorded program. For those who missed it, the recording is available for purchase in our Event Store.

Contributed by Dorothy J. Verdon, Bright Bunny Communications

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