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President's Message / September 2020

In reflecting on my career, I realize how many opportunities and friendships have been a direct result of my SMPS Philadelphia membership. As a longtime beneficiary of this community’s warmth, knowledge, and support, it is a privilege to serve as chapter president this program year. I have a template for success in following our immediate past president and my close friend and colleague, Afton Pascal, CPSM. I am in awe of, and thankful for, her talents, creativity, and leadership.

This period we find ourselves in is like no other. Just as our members and their firms have adjusted, our chapter must also rise to the moment. It is incumbent upon our organization to support our membership during this uncertain time, and that’s what your board of directors has set out to do.

We have transitioned to a 100% virtual environment and expect to operate this way until a safe return to normalcy is possible. The reduced cost of virtual events will be passed on to our members in the form of affordable event pricing and sponsorship fee reductions. It is also our moral obligation to address the need for greater diversity and inclusion in our industry and reassess our own practices. Our newly formed Diversity and Inclusion Committee will help to ensure our entire community is represented in all that we do.

Lastly, a big "thank you" is in order to everyone who has helped plan our exciting series of upcoming events. I hope to see you all at one of them soon.

Justin Brugler
President, SMPS Philadelphia
Creative Development Manager, McCormick Taylor

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